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In the most beautiful corner of the tropical island of Zanzibar, along with the south-east coast famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, you'll find luxury homes Zanzibar nestled amidst the natural beauty.


Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Zanzibar is the perfect destination for those seeking harmony, peace, and tranquility in a delightfully picturesque environment. Imagine living in a Zanzibar gated community, where every day feels like a retreat in paradise.

Jambiani Residential Development Project

Located just off the East Coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar fulfills everything you would expect from an African beach paradise: palm-fringed white sand beaches, warm blue waters, and sun-drenched shores. The charm of a Zanzibar holiday does not end there. If you're captivated by this beauty and seeking to invest, explore Zanzibar land for sale or discover enticing Zanzibar properties for sale, offering the opportunity to own a piece of this enchanting destination

This is a special African island destination as it combines a beach getaway with Zanzibar’s unique culture. Zanzibar Island has a remarkable history and a unique blend of African and Arabic cultures. This blend is best seen in Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where this colorful cultural tapestry is most evident in the architecture and marketplaces.

Spice Villas Jambiani- Matamu Investment_pages-to-jpg-0008.jpg

Travelers can enjoy special tours and experience the aromas, tastes, culture, and history firsthand. In addition to the remarkable history and culture, Zanzibar offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are home to varied marine life and exceptional coral reefs. If you're enticed by Zanzibar's allure and wish to make it your home, explore options like a Zanzibar house for sale or indulge in the luxury of a Zanzibar villa for sale. Zanzibar is without a doubt a tropical dream destination.

Jambiani Region - 4 Bedroom Villa_page-0008.jpg
2 Bedroom Villas
| 112.03 SQM |
Spice Villas Jambiani- Matamu Investment_pages-to-jpg-0010.jpg
Spice Villas Jambiani- Matamu Investment_pages-to-jpg-0010.jpg

(1) Porch: 55,36 sq.mts

(2) Solarium: 81,20 sq.mts

(3) Swimming Pool: 30 sq.mts

(4) Porch: 41,52 sq.mts

(5) Living Room/Kitchen: 60 sq.mts

(6) Master Bedroom: 15,33 sq.mts

(7) Bathroom / Storage: 2.88 sq.mts

(8) Master Bedroom: 14,76 sq.mts

(9) Bathroom: 5,89 sq.mts

(10) Master Bedroom: 16,56 sq.mts

(11) Bathroom: 5,04 sq.mts

(12) Master Bedroom: 15,32 sq.mts

(13) Bathroom: 5,07 sq.mts

4 Bedroom Villas
| 253.13 SQM |
Spice Villas Jambiani- Matamu Investment_pages-to-jpg-0009.jpg
Spice Villas Jambiani- Matamu Investment_pages-to-jpg-0009.jpg

(1) Porch: 40,13 sq.mts

(2) Solarium: 45,81 sq.mts

(3) Swimming Pool: 30 sq.mts

(4) Living Room/Kitchen: 31,52 sq.mts

(5) Master Bedroom: 15,33 sq.mts

(6) Bathroom: 5,18 sq.mts

(7) Master Bedroom: 14,82 sq.mts

(8) Bathroom: 5,18

Amenities & Features

- Central air conditioning system in all bedrooms, the kitchen and living areas.

- Wifi internet and DSTV predisposition.

- Electrical and plumbing installation with Italian materials and carried out by Italian/European technicians

- Sanitaryware, taps and showers of Italian brands - External insulating coating from Europe

- Interior floors with Italian tiles

- Interior lighting with ceiling spotlights

- Villas include a pool solarium, landscaped garden and private 3,50 x 10 metre swimming pool

Please contact us for any of the following additional features you would like to include in your villa:

- Interior design

- Italian kitchens and furniture

- Handcrafted furniture with local wood

- Garden furniture accessories from Italy

- Everything else you need for the Villa (ex. linen, crockery, cutlery, curtains

- External lighting to villa entrance, landscaped areas and the pool.

- Hot water system

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