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Zanzibar Real Estate

You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers

Can a foreigner own land in Zanzibar ?

The short answer is No. Simply because, no one is allowed to "own" land in Zanzibar. All land in Zanzibar is owned by the government and individuals receive government approved leases that vary from 33 Years - 99 Years. These government approvals, award individuals exclusive access to use and the rights to "claim" ownership of the property.

Can the government revoke my lease or refuse to renew it ?

Yes. The government has the right ... in specific situations to revoke a lease holder's approval or refuse to renew the lease agreement upon expiry. However, this action is very rare as government leases are secured and protected to ensure that lessors enjoy the uninhibited full rights of access to the property.

How do your fees work?

All prices quoted on our site, include our commission rates based on agreements we hold with the respective property owners. This ensures that there are no surprises or hidden administrative costs levied on you ... our clients.

Please note - Our stated prices do not include legal fees, stamp duties or other relevant expenses.

The quoted prices are comprised of the owner's asking price as well as our commission rate.

Can you guarantee me a successful sale?

We work very closely with the Zanzibar Land Transfer Department to ensure that the transfer process is reviewed, processed and approved in a timely manner. All of our properties have successfully passed their Due Diligence Reports, confirming that the resective owners have legal rights to claim and transfer ownership of their property.

Who deals with the legalities ?

We would never recommend against you seeking and securing a third party legal advocate to assist you with the land transfer process. We do however, highly recommend that you also enlist the services of our legal department, as hey work closely with the land transfer board to help facilitate the expeditious processing of your land transfer.  Our legal department executes internal due diligence reports, prepares the legal contracts and facilitates the signing thereof.

However, all costs associated with the land transferring process, license / permit applications, relevant stamp duty levies, transaction processing fees and other related expenses are payed by the buyer, unless otherwise mutually agreed by all parties.

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