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Real Estate Consultants

BlackBird Marketing Consultants: Our Team
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Real Estate

  • Data Collection

  • Primary Due Diligence Checks

  • Secondary Due Diligence Checks

  • Market Research Analysis

  • Project Viability Assessments

  • Professional | Specialist

    • Introductions & Recommendations

BlackBird Marketing Consultants: Text
BlackBird Marketing Consultants: Text

What Can We Do For You ?

Data Collection
& Sourcing​​

  • Sourcing and collecting primary data from recognized & accredited domestic, regional and international sources

  • Processing and filtering relevant data

  • Recording primary & secondary data

  • Compiling organized and extensive data sets.

Due Diligence

Secondary due diligence checks are very important for prospective buyers and investors. Confirming true and genuine land ownership is of optimum importance to ensure that your investment is not only protected in the eyes of the law, but also can legally be bought or sold.

Market Research Analysis

  • Conducting Site Visits & Progress Reports

  • Commissioning Land Surveys & Reports 

  • Commissioning & Facilitation of Legal Services 

  • Report & Analysis Creation -

    • Regional Geographic Analysis

    • Competitive Analysis

    • Tourism Analysis

    • Food & Beverage Cost Analysis

    • Demographics Analysis

    • Banking Institutions Summarizations & Financing Procedures

    • Regional S.W.O.T Analysis

Professional Recommendations & Introductions

  • Legal Consultants & Advocates Agency

    • Corporate Law Consultancy

    • Employment & Labor Law Consultancy

    • Intellectual Property Law Consultancy

    • Tax Law Consultancy

    • Immigration Law Consultancy

    • Land Law Consultancy

    • Business / Company Registration & Facilitation Services

  • Tax & Compliance Consultancy Agency

    • Financial Advisory

    • Tax & Compliance Advisory

    • Personal & Business Accounting Services

    • Auditing & Assurances

    • NGO & Development Advisory

    • Private Investment Consultancy

    • Business Planning

  • Land Surveying Agency

    • Engineering Surveys

    • Topographical Surveys

    • Cadastral/Title Surveys

    • Site Analysis Surveys

    • Boundary Surveys

    • Sub-Divisional Surveys

    • As-Built Surveys

  • Marketing & Advertising Consultancy Agency

    • Branding

    • Marketing

    • Product & Portfolio Management

    • Customer Strategy

    • Media Purchasing & Management

    • Digital Marketing

    • Social Media Management & Marketing

  • Domestic & Local Government Officials

    • Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority

    • Zanzibar Ministry Of Land

    • Zanzibar Land Transfer Department

    • Regional & Municipal Authorities & Shehas

    • Zanzibar Immigration Department

How do we begin ?

  • Step # 1 - Preliminary Virtual or Physical Consultation


Ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour, the preliminary consultation is essential in determining your exact needs, visions, goals, criteria and objectives outlining the nature of your project, with the purpose of fully understanding your desires so an accurate strategy can be created.


  • Step # 2 - Strategy Creation + Project Assessment - [ Proposal | Terms of Reference ]

We devise a clear and concise roadmap, with the sole goal of meeting your objectives. This Terms of Reference / Proposal outlines the range of services, deliverables, costs of delivery, timeframes and milestones that we recommend, with the main goals being to answer the following questions

  • What is the scope of work?

  • What are the expected outputs/deliverables and descriptions?

  • What are the expected timeframes & duration of work?

  • Roles of the consultant and any third party actors

  • What are the detailed task requirements?

  • Step #3 - Contract Signing & Work Commencement

Upon review of the Terms of Reference / Proposal the Service Contract must be signed between client and consultant with work commencing as specified and outlined in the proposal, in pursuit of the agreed upon deliverables.

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