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Zanzibar Houses For Sale

Fuoni Region

Island Real Estate


4 Bedroom House
323 SQM

4 Bedroom House
290 SQM

4 Bedroom House
317 SQM

These Zanzibar real estate listings consists of 3 individual, 4 bedroom houses for sale, all located in the Fuoni region of Zanzibar.

Each property is newly constructed, is in prime condition and is fully walled with each house having 2 en-suite bedrooms and 2 standard bedrooms.


With each house enjoying a fresh water borehole, electricity and road access, these properties are a great deal!

The owner is local Tanzanian citizen holding the necessary ownership documents for each house..

✔ 2 En-suite Rooms

✔ 2 Standard Rooms

✔ Fully Walled

✔ Newly Constructed

✔ Fresh Water Borehole

✔ Public Toilet

✔ Ceiling Fans

✔ Kitchen

✔ Living Room

✔ Electricity

✔ Road Access

✔ Parking Space

✔ Garden

Chukwani Region - 4 Bedroom House: To Buy
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