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Zanzibar Land For Sale

Nungwi Region

Island Real Estate

Nungwi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Zanzibar, home to a large number of international hotels, ultra luxury resorts, restaurants, bars and residential developments.

The north coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and white sand dunes. Nungwi also has a large expat community and is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers from all over the world.

The area is also known for its diverse cultural heritage and stunning aquatic marine life. 

Nungwi Region.png
Nungwi Region - Empty Plots For Sale: To Buy

Nungwi Region

5,579 SQM

✔  88m Beach Front

✔ White Sand Beach Front

✔ Electricity & Water

bweeju plot  - SOLD (1).png

Nungwi Region

2,700 SQM

✔  30m From Beach Front

✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity & Water

Great Deal (3).png

Nungwi Region

7,801 SQM

✔  65m Beach Front

✔ Cliff Top Beach Front

✔ Electricity & Water

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