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Best Zanzibar Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Updated: May 30

aerial photo of stone town zanzibar

Zanzibar is considered one of the most popular and safest tourist destinations in the world, with a long history of being a trading hub in East & Central Africa. In turn, the Zanzibar government has launched new tax and residency programs for foreign investors to live easily migrate, reside and invest in the island. Due to reduced barriers of entry, Zanzibar real estate has quickly become one of the most attractive investment locations in the world. There are numerous reasons and incentives which encourage investors to focus on this region. One of the key factors being stability.

The most sought after Zanzibar investment opportunities are

Zanzibar has enormous potential investment opportunities for investors in various industries, including tourism, exploration of oil and gas, deep sea fishing, ICT and manufacturing.

Zanzibar Real Estate - Houses / Villas For Sale

landscape house picture

Jambiani Region

4 Bedroom House


✔ 2 Story House

✔ 4 En-Suite Bedrooms

✔ Each Room Has a Kitchen

✔ Public Toilet

✔ Living Room

✔ Main Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Government / Municipal Water

✔ Fully Fenced & Gated

bweeju beach house

Bweeju Region

3 Beach Bungalows

7 Bedrooms


✔ 3 Beach Bungalows

✔ 7 En-suite Bedrooms

✔ White Sandy Beach Front

✔ Main Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Government / Municipal Water

✔ Fully Fenced & Gated

aerial photo of zanzibar villa

Paje Region

6 Bedroom Villa

22,234 SQM


✔ 6 Bedroom Villa

✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Public

✔ Swimming Pool

✔ Beach Front Gazebo

✔ 8ft Concrete Boundary Wall

✔ Staff Sleeping Quarters

✔ White Sandy Beach Front

Zanzibar Hotels For Sale

front photo of hotel

Kiembe Samaki Region 8 En-Suite Rooms


✔ 8 En-Suite Bedrooms

✔ Restaurant & Bar

✔ Electricity

✔ Public Municipal Water

✔ 2 Kitchens

✔ InRoom A/Cs / Ceiling Fans

✔ Lounge Room

hotel with swimming pool

Nungwi Region

13 En-Suite Rooms


✔ 13 En-Suite Rooms

✔ 1 Swimming Pools

✔ Pure White Sand Beach

✔ Roof Top Grille / Restaurant

✔ Fully Walled Compound

✔ Restaurant & Kitchen

✔ Beach Front Bar

✔ Electricity

✔ Paved Road Access

✔ Private Parking Lot

✔ Laundry Facilities

semi constructed hotel michamvi

Michamvi Zanzibar

USD$ 900,000.00

11 En-Suite Rooms

✔ 11 En-Suite Rooms

✔ 2nd Row Property

✔ Fully Walled Compound

✔ Electricity

✔ Paved Road Access

✔ Private Parking Lot

Zanzibar Land For Sale

aerial photo of makanduchi plot

Makanduchi Region

5,000 SQM


✔ 40m Beach Front

✔ Sandy White Beach Front

✔ Nearby Electricity Poles

✔ Nearby Municipal Water

✔ Road Access

aerial photo of michamvi plot

Michamvi Kae Region

2,510 SQM


✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Fresh Water Wells - x2

✔ Bungalow Foundations - x5

✔ Restaurant Foundation

✔ Kitchen Foundation

aerial photo of mangapwani plot

Mangapwani Region



✔ 227m Beach Front

✔ Private Bay

✔ White Sand

✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Municipal Water

✔ Fresh Water Well

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