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Paje Region - Empty Plots For Sale: To Buy

Zanzibar Land For Sale

Paje Region

Island Real Estate

In Paje, you'll find a large expat community and a number of kite surfing schools, water sport centers, international hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants and bars that cater to this growing tourist destination.

This region offers a wide variety of real estate options from beachfront homes to luxury villas with breathtaking views.


With an abundance of restaurants and bars galore, Paje provides residents with a great opportunity to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle that is synonymous with Zanzibar's culture.

Paje Region.png

Paje Region

762 SQM

✔  5 Minutes From Beach

✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity & Water


Paje Region

11,000 SQM

✔  50m From Beach Front

✔ Fully Walled

✔ Electricity & Water

2. Aerial Photos.jpg

Paje Region

22,234 SQM

✔  57m Beach Front

✔ White Sand Beach

✔ Electricity & Water

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