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Makanduchi Region - Empty Plots For Sale: To Buy

Zanzibar Land For Sale

Makanduchi Region

Island Real Estate

Makanduchi is a tourist hotspot located on the south east coast of Zanzibar. It is a growing tourist destination with many Zanzibar beach properties for sale and other Zanzibar real estate listings.

Home to a growing number of international hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants, bars, residential developments and gorgeous beach fronts - Check out some of our Zanzibar land for sale listings

Makanduchi Region.png

Makanduchi Region

1,436 SQM

✔  350m From Beach Front

✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity & Water


Makanduchi Region

8,164 SQM

✔  52m Beach Front

✔ White Sandy Beach

✔ Electricity & Water

bweeju plot  - SOLD (6).png

Makanduchi Region

47,097 SQM

✔  254m Beach Front

✔ Sandy Beach

✔ Electricity & Water

bweeju plot  - SOLD.png

Makanduchi Region

5,975 SQM

✔  40m Beach Front

✔ White Sand Beach

✔ Electricity & Water

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