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Fukuchani Region - Empty Plots For Sale: To Buy

Zanzibar Land For Sale

Fukuchani Region

Island Real Estate

Fukuchani is a lovely coastal village in Zanzibar, and it's a great place to start your search for a beach front property.


It's located on the north west coast of Zanzibar, which means you'll have stunning sunset views and beautiful oceanfront property listings in this region.

The real estate market here is quiet, but it's still active, so if you're looking for something unique and different, Fukuchani might be right for you!

Fukuchani Region.png

Fukuchani Region

3,400 SQM

✔  41m Beach Front

✔ Cliff Top Beach Front

✔ Electricity 


Fukuchani Region

3,863 SQM

✔  62m Beach Front

✔ White Sand Beach Front

✔ Electricity & Water

bweeju plot  - SOLD (8).png

Fukuchani Region

3,260 SQM

✔  47m Beach Front

✔ Coral & Sand Beach Front

✔ Electricity & Water

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