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This Zanzibar real estate listing is an unfinished, third row, two story house located in the South Eastern region of Makanduchi, Zanzibar.


The property is being sold as is, with the buyer being responsible for completing any final stages of construction & renovations.


Makanduchi is a quickly growing region home to a range of international hotels, pristine beaches and thriving local communities. The owner is a Danish citizen, holding the necessary ownership documentation.

Zanzibar House For Sale

Makanduchi Region

1,250 SQM

Island Real Estate

✔ 1,250 SQM

✔ 6 Bedrooms

✔ Unfinished Building

✔ Fully Walled

✔ Water Tower

✔ Kitchen

✔ Electricity

✔ Road Access

✔ Public Municipal Water

✔ 5 Minute Walk to the Beach

✔ Private Parking Lot

✔ Outside Public Toilet

Michamvi Region - 21,000SQM: To Buy
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