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These Zanzibar real estate listings are two well maintained apartments, each with 1 En-Suite bedroom and 2 standard bedrooms, located in the Kwahani region of Zanzibar.


The property is only a couple minutes from the Stone-Town City center and the Michenzani Mall Complex.


The fifth floor apartment has a view of the city as well as the ocean and the second floor apartment has a view of the city.


Both properties are in close proximity to restaurants, stores, saloons and other businesses.


The owner is a local Zanzibari, holding the necessary title and ownership documentation.

Zanzibar Apartments For Sale

Kwahani Region 

3 Bedroom Apartments

5th Floor - USD$73,000.00
2nd Floor - USD94,000.00

Apartments For Sale Zanzibar

✔ 1 En-Suite Bedrooms

✔ 2 Standard Bedroom

✔ 1 Common Bathroom

✔ 3 Balconies

✔ Main Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Water

✔ 1 Kitchen

✔ 1 Living Room

✔ Parking Space

Uroa Region - 4 Bedroom House: To Buy
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