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Zanzibar Beach
Land For Sale

Bweeju Region

2,263 SQM

Island Real Estate

This Zanzibar property for sale is property located in the Bweeju region of Zanzibar. The property enjoys a 43meter white sandy beach front in addition to main road access.


The owner is a local Zanzibari, holding the necessary title and ownership documentation.

This Zanzibar real estate listing is surrounded by tall concrete walls, has a steel main gate, a fresh water well, coconut trees and a small local concrete structure/house.

✔ 43m Beach Front

✔ Road Access

✔ Electricity

✔ Concrete Boundary Walls

✔ Public Municipality Water

✔ White Sandy Beach Front 

✔ Fresh Water Well

Bweeju Region - 2,263 SQM: To Buy
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